Vitrorel is the Germany based medical laboratory and medicine company focusing on value medicine and diagnostic to provide quality needs.


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Vitrorel have the mission to provide high-quality pharmaceutical and diagnostic solutions that significantly contribute to the global improvement of the healthcare system and increase quality life of patients as well as animal health and productivity. Our Partner and specialists research and develop innovative pharmaceutical products, with a special focus on practical benefits and sustainability. Therefore, the products enrich and delight the national and international healthcare system thanks to a well-maintained unique selling point. Qualified professionals work to high standards, with great experience and modern technologies.

To curb the growing trend of antibiotic resistance, we are working with partners on our sustainability strategy to limit the use of antibiotics in both human and veterinary medicine. We want you to share our rich strategy in the fight against premature use of antibiotics; together we can do something that makes a big difference.


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Our team is working directly with research institutions, medicine developers and life science companies..

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