Creatine 101: More than just a simple dietary supplement?

Creatine 101: More than just a simple dietary supplement?

Healthy sports nutrition keeps the human body fit and gives it that powerful supplement that helps muscles build mass. In fact, our daily diet barely contains all the muscle-building and health-promoting substances, so that athletic people with creatine 101 finally get the chance to mentally and sustainably support their muscles as well as their health.

According to studies, creatine 101 should optimally improve exercise performance, power and muscle mass (Kreider RB). This high-quality product also makes a valuable contribution to prevention. With the regular use of creatine 101 to prevent certain neurological disorders or diseases such as dementia early (Matthews RT et al.) Creatine occurs as a pure substance in our muscle cells. It supports the performance of muscle tissue and supplies the existing muscle mass with energy, which the trainee needs in order to be able to lift a large weight in the first place (Thomas W Buford et al.) Creatine 101 is similar in composition to the amino acids, as the human body is fortunate enough to prepare creatine from the body’s own building blocks glycine and arginine. (Persky AM and Brazeau GA) About 95 percent of the body’s creatine benefits the muscles, another five percent are supplied to the brain, as well as the kidneys and the liver (Persky AM and Brazeau GA)

Advantages of Creatine 101 at a glance

• Creatine 101 can significantly increase performance during a workout. Furthermore, this well-tolerated substance contributes to building healthy muscles (Rawson ES et al., Terjung RL et al.)

• Regular intake of creatine 101 may increase workload and bring about improved cell signaling (Dangott B et al.)

• According to individual study reports, creatine generally stimulates the supplementation of the hormones IGF-1. (Deldicque L et al., C P Velloso)

• The water content in the muscles is well stimulated by the intake of creatine products (positive effect: cell volumization, important for healthy muscle growth). (Schoenfeld BJ)

• Creatine 101 reduces muscle loss in a gentle way. (Parise G et al.)

• Last but not least, creatine 101 helps to keep myostatin levels as low as possible and can thus successfully counteract an unwanted slowdown in muscle growth due to excessive myostatin levels. (Saremi A et al.)

You want to support your performance as well as your muscle growth extensively? In our rich assortment you can expect:

  • Products containing the amino acid “beta-alanine” (increases dipeptide L-carnosine in the body, mainly in the nervous and muscle tissues)
  • Our products contain branched-chain amino acids
  • HMB or β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyric acid (which is a metabolite of the essential amino acid L-leucine)

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